Walkathon 2017: We Did It!!

walkathon Signs announce the total amount raised for Walkathon... or do they?

As you can see in the photo, this morning, our students unveiled the final total raised by holding up signs indicating the amount raised-- $52,390. That is an incredible amount of money, but still fell a little short of our $55,555 goal. Unexpectedly, while the students were still standing in front of the school holding these numbers, word reached our emcee that an "anonymous donor" had suddenly offered to donate the remaining $3,165!! We have officially achieved our goal of $55,555!

We are so fortunate to attend a school that is attended by such enthusiastic children, supported by dedicated parents, valued by our community and supported by our business partners. And to top it all off, we received the spontaneous generosity of a "mystery donor" who refused to let us fail! Hendricks Avenue Elementary is indeed a special place for our children to attend school.

Thank you to everyone who either raised funds, donated funds, walked laps, or volunteered to make this event a success!